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  Breathing since 1973.
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Upper Ocoee - Olympic Bridge
Friends at Indian Creek Falls, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


I recently decided to try to simplify management of my web presence by creating a blog: Ravine Ravings


My primary hobby is whitewater kayaking, but I love to explore the outdoors in a variety of ways. I'm usually up for a good hike, a mountain bike ride, a casual float on a placid lake, or just driving around in a car. I can usually be found in the southern Appalachians within a 150 mile radius of my home near Ringgold, Georgia.

Here are some trip reports and articles.


I currently work as a systems integration programmer at a medium sized company in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My day to day work involves the integration of clinical laboratory and immunization data into a very large data warehouse as well as developing outbound interfaces to government agencies and related contractors, and supporting decision support systems.

experimental software I am working on. In effect, it is a semantic search engine but the technology can be used for a wide variety of applications.
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